What Clients Say About Us

“ Can a wedding video elicit more tears of joy than the actual wedding? The Doodle Studio team may have found the secret formula to create that effect. Their unobtrusive filming of all three of our bigfatpakistanibengali wedding event, their choice of special camera effects, and artful editing of the final videos are the ingredients that made so many of our family members wipe away tears of fond memory as we watched Doodle Studio’s capturing of our wedding days. There is no video that we have seen as many times on repeat as the one crafted by Doodle Studio of our short wedding teaser. ”

Urva and Salman, New York USA.

You were all so supportive, grounded and patient throughout our wedding week. You captured moments so beautifully and you didn’t miss a single significant moment from the wedding. There wasn’t a moment at the wedding where you were not at work. Your dedication and passion for your work is inspirational. Because of your very dedication you created the most exceptional wedding highlights for us and captured the most beautiful photographs and moments, which received so much love and complements from everyone. 

Lots of love,
Geeti and Ankur, Sydney