Bollywood Singer Benny Dayal + Catherine | A Celebrity Wedding in Bangalore

What Client says :

This review is long overdue but definitely worth the wait.

Doodle Studio is the only team you should be hiring. Period. Their dedication to their work is shown not only in their final product but how they approach every single wedding they film. Due to so much craziness, the first time I met the team was Day 1 of my wedding. They introduced themselves to me and one of their first questions were “Can you please point out your family members?” I was so elated by that one question. This was a team that knew a wedding is not only about the couple, but the family that showers them with love and joy.
The way they filmed our wedding video was the epitome of how we wanted others to feel on our wedding day. Our wedding was small and intimate with a huge focus on our Kerala culture and that is exactly what was captured. They were able to blend both of our ceremonies (Hindu and Christian) seamlessly all while encapsulating all the magic we felt on that day. My most favorite part is the interviews they filmed with all our family and friends. I live away from my family now and having those interviews and hearing them talk about us and our love was so meaningful and special to us. 
I actually never got to see their work beforehand. They were a reference through my photographer, Sephi Bergenson, and he was quite adamant about having them come on board and now I know why. Throughout the whole wedding, I didn’t have to worry about them. They were prompt, focused, and knew what they were doing. 
Emma and Jared are an amazing team and even more amazing couple. Their love for each other and their work is what is translated into your wedding video. We highly recommend them and are so grateful that we got the opportunity to work with them!
Benny & Cathy